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      Enhancing Teen Communication® – Communication Skills Training for Teens




The latest surveys show teens have become far too dependent on texting as their primary form of communication, and are sorely deficient in the fundamental oral and written communication skills they need to become a personal and professional success.  These critical “life skills” are not often taught formally in school.  E-T-C was born out of that educational shortfall, and has been dubbed “The Texting Alternative”.



The E-T-C program engages students with interactive role-play and mock scenarios, and uses careers in Communications as teaching tools for critical thinking, language and expression, and conflict resolution.  Enhancing Teen Communication® is a nationwide communications program for teens that moves them away from texting and other impersonal forms of communication to improve their face-to-face skills, and help them prepare for employment.  

E-T-C launched at the community level in Southern California, and was subsequently “piloted” – and validated – by a California Distinguished High School.  The program was implemented into multiple grade levels, instructing more than 120 students.


E-T-C trains teens (ages 12-18) in:



  • Resume Writing – how to translate who you are and the skills you have onto paper

  • Public Speaking – how to verbally address and engage an audience

  • Interviewing – how to present yourself effectively and impressively to employers

  • Marketing – how to “sell” yourself to generate interest

  • Broadcasting – how to create verbal impact through proper inflection and emphasis

  • News Writing – how to condense factual information and analyze critical details

  • Public Relations – how to present yourself as a product or service to others

  • Media Relations – how to master inquiries and interrogatories


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