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Lori Kelman is both the Founder and Director of the Enhancing Teen Communication® program – a nationwide platform that provides communication classes and individualized training for teens, moving them away from texting and back to traditional face-to-face skills to prepare them for employment.  She also created a nonprofit 501c3 to deliver that same communication skills training program to disadvantaged and at-risk youth, and has taught her program at award-winning middle and high schools in Southern California.  Ms. Kelman has also worked with career-transitioning adults, and currently conducts workforce-readiness training workshops.


In the Broadcast world …


Ms. Kelman has been an on-air Radio/TV newscaster in the top broadcast markets in the country including New York, Los Angeles, and Boston – most recently for the NBC Radio News Network. She was a News Anchor at KABC-AM in Los Angeles, Afternoon News Anchor/Public Affairs Director at KNUS-AM in Denver, West Coast Correspondent for the NBC Radio News Network, Afternoon News Anchor for WMCA-AM in NYC, Bureau Chief/Reporter for KFWB-AM in Los Angeles, and was on-air in Boston Radio/TV for 25 years. Her broadcast proficiencies include news anchoring, news reporting, sports reporting, and commercial voice-overs.


In the Corporate sector …


As Director of Media Relations for the Port of Los Angeles – the fifth busiest container port complex in the world – Ms. Kelman acted as the voice of the Port for the press, conducting daily print and broadcast interviews and providing media training to Port officials.


As a Media Relations Manager for Fidelity Investments at the corporate headquarters in Boston, Ms. Kelman facilitated nationwide press tours for company executives and maintained a consistent – and positive – national media presence for the financial services giant (CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New

York Times, BusinessWeek, Money Magazine).  


As the Marketing Manager for Western Schools, which provided continuing education online for nurses throughout the country, Ms. Kelman conducted nationwide focus groups and designed course catalogs to shape the curriculum.  


In the Agency arena …


As the Senior Account Manager for Texas Instruments North America, Ms. Kelman managed many high-profile PR campaigns  – including the global rollout of DLP technology.


In the Entrepreneurial realm …


As the Principal of her own media and marketing consulting firm, Ms. Kelman provided strategic counsel to clients in a wide range of industries including technology, entertainment, financial services, hospitality, and medical/dental.


Ms. Kelman has a BS degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University, and has served on the Broadcast Advisory Board at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA.  She is currently an Instructor at The Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, CA, and has been an adjunct Communications instructor throughout the country for more than 40 years.


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