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“I really see the difference in the way that I present myself, and how I communicate with my peers.”

 Hirschy, age 17



"It helped me learn things that I’d never learn in school.  It will be helpful for the rest of my life.”

 Elijah, age 14



“It taught me skills that will put me at an advantage over other teens.”

 Lauren, age 16



“I now understand communications ... giving me the tools to build successful, meaningful relationships.”

 Zachary, age 17



“You learn a lot … and it’s fun!”

 Arline, age 14



"The program helped me learn more about myself, and boosted my confidence."

Hannah, age 14



"It taught me great tips for the future.” 

 Cameron, age 13



"It gave me a fun and safe place to express myself."

Andrew, age 14



"I learned a lot from this program.”

 Amanda, age 15



"It taught me how to improve my public speaking and helped me to become more confident."

Abhinav, age 13



“I used to be shy – not anymore!”

 Cassie, age 13



“It’s a really beneficial program.”

 Betsy, age 16



"The program was interactive and educational."

Andrew, age 13



“It really helped me with improving my skills at my current job as a Sales Associate.”

 Monica, age 17



"I liked the fun exercises."

Kacy, age 13



“I loved how this program opened my eyes to social opportunities … you’ll learn so much.”

 Lisa, age 16



“It was absolutely beneficial and valuable.”

 Rebecca, age 16



"I'm now better at speaking in front of a crowd."

Carlene, age 12



“I learned how to write a resume, and what to expect in a college interview.”

 Michelle, age 12



“I didn’t know I’d be learning so much … for my future, and life.”

 Rachel, age 14



“This program is beyond amazing!  I will definitely tell my friends about this.”

 Jessie, age 11








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